Half Way Through Re-Writes

I’m in full immersion right now after hitting the second plot point in re-writes at the end of last week.

I’ve been circling around it for about a month – an aggressively busy life outside the writing cave making reaching that point a wee bit arduous.

Happy to say that life has a way of getting me back to what I need to be doing. Last week was my first in about six months back full-time on these heavy re-writes.


At the end of it all, Hypatia discovered that she’d been set up to die. That she’ll have to fight to save far more than herself and learns the legends of what hobbled the ancient race of queens to which she belongs are less myth and more prophecy.

She is subjected to the truth about the origins of those who saved her, the heart of the man left to make a terrible choice between his wife, his sister, his duty and a woman whose hold on him he cannot shake.

She’s betrayed, in a single moment lost to all, having to fight her way back from the savage purifications brought upon her by an enemy who believes Hypatia is the scourge.

Now, to see how it all turns out.

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