More Location Mapping

One of the most daunting parts of writing historical fiction based in times thousands of years in the past is that there is generally a very limited public historical record from which to draw.

It’s one thing to recount history in a reference book. It’s something entirely different to create the intimate relationship to place required for a novel.

I’ve blogged before about how I started making “maps” of scenes, cities and other locations in order to create a sense of intimacy. They are one of my favorite tools, drawing out details such as how a person walked through the city, the position of a home or a gate in relation to a character, etc.

These are two I finished this weekend:

Ancient Aphrodisium (modern-day Mahida, Tunisia)
Ancient Thysdrus (modern-day El-Jem, Tunisia)

The entire second half of The Sibylline Chronicles Vol. 1 is based in the ancient North African province of Byzacena, home to both of these cities.

They are very different – Aphrodisium, a port South of Carthage through which much of North Africa’s olive oil production was exported. Thysdrus, the inland center of that production and a city of exiles.

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