Engineering Details

My husband is a concept illustrator and art director in the animated film and television industry. So, when I needed help figuring out the engineering of a critical storytelling tool, he came to my aid with his pad and sketch pencils.

Here’s a sneak peek at the black staff of Alashiya – the weapon carried by the head of the Amyntas order of Sibylline, Eusebia.18110831_10155255861389938_1328971100_n (1)

This staff is more than a fighting stick. It plays a key role in the climax of the novel that shifts the balance in the ancient world.

As you know from my map work, I am a huge fan of working out the intricate details through this process.
18136221_10155255868564938_466496902_n (1)

In this case, it was critical for me to understand the height, design, material make-up and functionality of the staff in order for me to give it the necessary identity and movement through Chapter 17. Having these schematics in hand, as well as determining the specifics on how it is used, made a huge difference in how the storyline played out.

As always, I’m grateful for team Sibylline helping me bring this vision to life.

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