Plotting Out A New Novel


While the query process continues for my latest novel, I very much wanted to get started on a new project that takes readers more than a thousand years away from Hypatia’s life.

A friend of mine who is an inspired reader with an incredible imagination posted a note on social media a while back about novels she’d love someone to write. One of them involved the notorious Beast of Gevaudan.

While I knew a bit about the horror it inflicted upon a strange, remote portion of Southern France, it was at her prompting that I read everything I could get my hands on about events and those involved.

The writings about it are told as a deeply masculine story, steeped in the lust of 18th-century men to prove themselves manly enough and a country on the cusp of revolution. Not my sort of thing.

But… (there is always a but)

I’m not willing to give too much away yet.

Let’s just say I’m working on a haunted historical fantasy that takes the truth of the beast out of the hands of those men.

More to come…

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