New Aesthetic for My WIP

My husband keeps telling me that I need to take a mental break after the last couple of months working my face off to get The Maiden of Gevaudan in the shape it needs to be for contests and, shortly, querying.  I took that break from the manuscript after entering it in Pitch Wars in September. But, anyone in even semi-regular contact with me understands my overtly obsessive nature, which includes a constant need to world build. No way would I full stop in the writing department.

Instead, I launched full-force into researching and plotting out a new novel I have deemed The Woman On The Wall. After a few research setbacks and plot idea deviations, I worked through a majority of the initial pre-production to get to a clear premise and start writing.

While I’m not going to reveal the whole concept for a bit, I’m all about the visual plotting. So, this is the first of many aesthetics and a few teasers for you:

  • The mystery to be solved: The true identity of the Mona Lisa.
  • Setting:  Geneva, Switzerland, and Amboise, France (modern timeline); Amboise, France (Renaissance timeline).
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy (That’s code in my universe for “A whole lot of magical realism”).

Cream Rustic Spa Makeover Party Photo Collage.jpg

Thanks for dropping in to check this new project out.

My goal is to post updates and teasers every few weeks as I work through the writing process.

Let me know in the comments what you think!



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