Day 21 – In The Writer’s Studio

Day 21 in the writer’s studio – writing isn’t all about the actual act of writing.

Cultivation of creativity comes in lots of forms. For me, daily yoga practice means those hours sitting won’t collapse my spine, those hours thinking won’t send me off into unproductive feedback loops, and those hours imagining come constantly from the visions rising up inside my head when I’m quiet and still.

Bonus is I am less of a bitch too. ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

I actually get more out of yoga than I ever thought possible in terms of creative goodness. The whole meditation thing, which I have been practicing off and on for something like twenty years, is one of the best generators of ideas, ways to push past writing blocks, and to walk characters through scenes.

In fact, I was on the Sky Train this afternoon zoning out in a bit of a state listening to some crazy chanting music when the final scene of Woman On The Wall just appeared in front of me. Don’t laugh. That’s how writers roll. I swear, one day you will read the last scene in that novel and think, “that was from her subway ride. Must have been one hella ride.”

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