Day 23 – Submitting to Literary Journals

Submitting to literary journals is a new thing for me. I always figured I’ve got limited time, why would I spend time writing things other than my novels? However, this lets me try out new styles, test concepts, and just write.

Today, I’m working on a piece to submit to Luna Station at the end of this week.

I think it’s hard to get excited about short stories sometimes, yet that is exactly the skill I force my students to master. It’s all about telling the best story and learning how to do it well.

Finding journals is a bit of work, but I suspect this will allow me to up my writing game and expand in ways I never even expected.

2 responses to “Day 23 – Submitting to Literary Journals”

  1. Your thinking makes sense, at least to me. I have been in what seems to be a never ending block! Writer’s block. So I started searching for online magazines that accept unsolicited manuscripts, adding them to an Excel sheet, and some of them I have added to my blog under the category ‘unsolicited resources’. I also could pick up some ghostwriting topics, but, I am so turned off with ghostwriting and not being able to use my name as the author. Selling the article meant selling my right to claim authorship.

    Sorry, I digress!

    Glad to have found you, will be checking back to see how you are progressing! 😀


  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment.

    Writer’s block is a hard one to overcome. I hope it starts to improve for you.

    I’m no fan of ghostwriting either. As a former journalist, I feel like it’s important to know who the true author of a piece is and to give credit to that person.

    Looking forward to chatting with you more!


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