A Novel-Inspired Witchy Garden

I tend to, much like an actor, take on the interests and oddities of the characters I write about while I’m in the midst of crafting them.

When I started writing Geist, magickal herbalism entered and I dug deep into the study of witchy herbs. Learning about the fantastical properties of hellebore, heather, lilies, foxglove, and more proved fascinating and I became pretty much obsessed with the need to grow a poison garden as well as an edible garden this year.

Since we live in one-thousand square feet in Vancouver, that garden required some major containers. My upstairs neighbour graciously offered two of her unused wooden raised beds and I got to work.

The evolution of that space (and my previously almost non-existent gardening skills) proves more magickal every day.

I’ve come to know hellebore as the most magnificent of species:


I’ve fallen in love with herb bouquets:

Found little gifts from the fae left after Beltane:

Already taken in my first mint harvest:

Met some new friends:


And fallen in love with my back deck again:



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