The Time Travel Disaster by Grace Jiang

Note: Grade-4 author Grace Jiang has the story of the week this week, enjoy. 


It all started on a breezy day in August.

“Maya, come up! It’s time for lunch. We are having spaghetti with garlic bread and fries,” my mom said. “I’m pretty sure you do not want to miss it.”

“Mom, I’m almost done. Can you please bring down my food?” I asked from the basement.

I could not wait for my project to finish! I was making a time machine!

Suddenly, my big brother charged into the room.

“Where are my headphones?” he asked.

“Oh, I sold them for pieces of metal,” I told him. “I thought you said it was okay.”

“Mom, Maya sold my headphones for pieces of . . . whatever, I don’t care!”

He was so annoying since I’m 13 and he is 18.

“When is Cassie coming over?” I asked. She’s been my best friend since I was two.

Oh right, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Maya Spinner and I’m a “science freak” as some people like to call me. My dad is a doctor and my mom is a lawyer.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“Cassie!” I shouted.

A moment later, she ran downstairs. She looked simply beautiful with her silky blonde hair and stunning green eyes. People say the pair of us are like angels. I have smooth and silky hair that is just below my shoulders, but my hair is like polished obsidian. I have warm, brown eyes that Cassie says are beautiful.

Suddenly, the machine starts buzzing.

“Set the space light destination thing to the 4000’s,” Cassie said excitedly.

“Okee-dokey,” I answered.

After five minutes, we found ourselves in a factory of the FFAP two-thousand years from now and ordered ice cream.

The Bonflear ice cream was so good! It tasted like the best flavors in the world—chocolate, vanilla, marshmallows, and raspberry vanilla swirled together.

The funny thing is, it looked like the yucky gelatin. It also tasked like mind and black currant for Cassie. Yum.

Next, we went shopping.

We bought special fabric. You just drape it around yourself and it transforms into your outfit of choice.

We visited La Bon Cafê and ordered macrons, croissants, and hot chocolate. The waitress looked just like me.

“Bonjour,” she said. “My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather’s sister went missing with her best friend. He was never the same again.”

I froze.

“Did he die?” I asked.

“Ninety-five years later.”

We ate quietly (mostly because it was so good). Then, we went outside.

“We risk changing the future!” I said.

Just then, the machine broke.

“I-I-I want-t-t t-t-t-to g-g-g-go h-h-home!” Cassie sobbed.

I calmed Cassie down. Then, I saw a huge palace.

“Let’s go!” I said

Just then, acid fell from the sky and Wendy the waitress ran out.

“We do not have umbrellas,” she said.

People ran for cover. Cassie and I raced to the palace for protection. We got there without a scratch.

The King of Everything met us and told us to use hi-tech pieces from his spare garden to get back. On the way, we met Mugglewump the zebra-giraffe mix. So, we called him a zebraraffe.

We used the parts from the king, grabbed Mugglewump, and went back to the 2000s where we won the science fair with him.


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