Curated CanLit Delivered To Your Doorstep

It is the great question all of my friends ask each other at the beginning of every Summer. (or any other time for that matter)

What are you reading?

For me, it’s a mix of research and historical drama. I spend a lot of time lost in these two worlds and often forget that there is so much other fantastic literature out there.

When I do come out of my cave and broaden my range, I’m big on supporting my fellow Canadian writers including amazing wordsmiths such as crime writer Sam Wiebe, historical fiction writer Janie Chang, and author/ LGBTQ-refugees activist Ahmad Danny Ramadan.

Sadly, though, it can be challenging to find much CanLit at the bookstore.

Now, everything has changed.


Last week, the indomitable Kerry Clare (her literary blog is Pickle Me This) and my favorite Ontario bookstore Blue Heron Books launched a literary endeavor that will shift your reading habits forever.


Briny Books has launched, delivering curated CanLit from Canada’s fabulous independent publishers to your door every month.

For a small fee, Kerry and Blue Heron’s team will pick the books, pack them up, and send them off.

I love getting mail, especially book mail!!!

This is also so exciting to me because it can be extra challenging to find CanLit from the Atlantics here on the West Coast. So, I’m excited that this partnership will share the love of lit from around the country.

Go check out this Summer’s curated titles, sign up for their newsletter to know when the first book drop will take place, and high-five this amazing crew of bibliophiles.

Briny Books is the Canadian book fan’s finest subscription box!

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