I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. A lifetime ago, I kicked off a journalism career as a copy runner, getting the copy from the newsroom to paste-up in the basement of my local newspaper. Since then, I’ve worked as a professional writer at daily newspapers, magazines, and online publications across North America.

8A00FA68-59FC-4F14-9572-7571BE84F7CC.jpgI’ve launched digital media businesses, taught classes on media literacy for self-identified women and teens, worked in education marketing, and guided students as a writing coach over the course of the last decade.

If awards get you excited, I’ve had the honor of receiving a few. They include the National (U.S.) Mental Health Association Media Award and The Golden Bell Award (both for feature writing), as well as numerous Associated Press and Society of Professional Journalists awards for news writing in the United States.

I currently whip the imaginations of young people into shape through helping them learn to craft their own original fiction stories. Click HERE to learn more.

Novel writing happens everywhere—on transit, waiting for my kids at jiu-jitsu—I’m always thinking about stories and how best to tell them.

Born in the mist of Niagara Falls, N.Y., I grew up in Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  I crossed the border into Canada many years later after agreeing to marry some Canadian guy after two dates (we’ve been married seventeen years now, so . . .)

I live in a funky flat in Vancouver, B.C. telling gothic ghost stories, reading everything imaginable, and nerding out in the realm of all things historical, fantastical, female, and mythological. My wee family and Hypatia, our sphynxy cat, tolerate me most of the time.


– Robin