Hand-Drawn Maps

Take a peek into my word-building process through the hand-drawn maps I made for locations throughout the first book of The Sibylline Chronicles.

The opening battle at Alexandria’s Necropolis Harbor.
Inside Elisheba’s house – the setting of Chapter 2. I needed to understand the layout of Elisheba’s home in order for Hypatia and others to move through it. Continuity was my goal.

The quality of the maps evolved quickly after I scored some fantastic map-making paper.

Rough map of Alexandria, Egypt in 391 c.e. While I will do a more detailed version of the city down the road, this one is so that I could trace the route Hypatia took from the house of Elisheba in the Jewish Quarter to the Serapeum near the South Wall of Alexandria.
The temple complex of The Serapeum in Alexandria, Egypt. Chapter 5. I made this one so that I could accurately map the course of Hypatia as she made her way through the temple complex.
The port at Aphrodisium (modern-day Mahida, Tunisia). Chapter 8.
The ancient city of Thysdrus (modern-day El-Jem, Tunisia.)
North Africa circa 391 c.e.  with a focus on Africa Proconsularis and a little homage. 🙂
Ancient Sufetula (modern-day Sbeitla, Tunisia)
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