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It’s not in Ekaterina Racovitža’s nature to frighten easily, but the tiny French barony where she recovers from an assassination attempt proves more terrifying than any imagination. 

Stalked by the legendary, murderous La Bête, Kat finds herself caught in a rift between 18th-century France and much darker places beyond this world. 

With the help of the mysterious gamekeeper, Ana Saut, she draws on her own knowledge of magic to discover the truth about La Bête, determine the fate of the Gevaudan, and uncover the nature of the monstrous in this allegory on life after death. 


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The chance discovery of the coveted and long-missing journals of Francesco Melzi reveals the startling truth about the true identity of the Mona Lisa




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The Sibylline



The Sibylline Chronicles are my life’s obsession.

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