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In 2020 and 2021:

Developing the talents of young writers in the Lower Mainland, Toronto, and Mainland China. I offer workshops and fiction writing intensives through Quill Academy of Creative Writing.

In 2019: 

I launched Quill Academy of Creative Writing here in Vancouver, and now serve young authors in the Lower Mainland, China, and around the globe as a writing coach.


In 2018: 

Personal sabbatical

In 2017: 

In 2016:

  • Western Canada PR coordinator at Authors For Indies.
  • Moderator, historical fiction panel, Word Vancouver.
  • In The Classroom: In April 2016 I taught her first workshop on digital storytelling and media literacy for self-identified girls ages 12-15 through the Access to Media Education Society.
  • Literacy: I sat on the fundraising & planning committee for the provincial Literacy Is Life campaign with Decoda Literacy. This annual BC celebration surrounding International Literacy Day brings people together across the province.
  • Media: From November 2015 to August 2016, I discussed hot topics in the literary world during her weekly half-hour books segment on Roundhouse Radio’s Sense of Place with Minelle Mahtani.
On the air at Roundhouse Radio