Day 25 – The Teacher

As a writer, I have found nothing more aggressively instructive in the best of ways than teaching creative writing to others.

Unless you’re wealthy by other means, a writer’s life requires a day job or a side hustle to make the pieces fit together. Not to get all cheesy, but teaching writing is really the best case scenario for a professional writer in terms of that ebb and flow. For the last several years, I’ve taught people of all ages how to find their own voices, write stronger stories, and edit their own work.

It keeps me sharp, well-read in all genres, creative, and always thinking about stories, more stories, then at least another one.

Part of staying laser-focused on my writing career is to not get distracted. Teaching keeps me in the zone. Plus, I literally could spend all day every day talking about writing. So . . .

Editing Project – MELT, a web cartoon by Ken Henderson

I’m always teaming up with folks on creative projects, and one of the great perks of being married to a concept illustrator is Ken is always working on amazing concepts that need a solid editor. Lately, he’s been really pushing his own original IP, and is currently in the midst of the Webtoon Contest, competing with the web cartoon MELT.

Check out the storyline:

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He has published three episodes so far, working to publish a fourth in the next week or so. I love his style and we’ve had a great time setting up this story to feed into a much larger project he has been working on developing for more than a decade.

My favourite pieces are his teaser shots. Here are a few:


And his grandscapes:

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Check out all the episodes HERE