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  • Woman On The Wall Finds A New Home

    Woman On The Wall Finds A New Home

    It is with great excitement that I announce that my debut novel, Woman On The Wall, will be released on Sept. 6, 2022. While it has taken a whole lot of work to get to this point, much more heavy lifting comes from this point on. I’d like to encourage all of you who have […]

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  • A little Kid and Adult Reading This Term

    Made it over to Vancouver Kidsbooks today to score the reading my students will do this term through QACW. Of course, I had to make a few personal purchases to add to the growing to-read stack for myself.

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  • Winter Fortress of Solitude Refresh

    Alright, I haven’t exactly spent a whole lot of time blogging about writing this year. I could blame the pandemic or being an entrepreneur. I’ve been heads-down with just about everything involved in teaching writing to more than 60 students, spent a whole lot of time with editors, and learned so much in the middle […]

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  • Victoria Writing Retreat

    September in Victoria, B.C. is the perfect time of year to escape the pandemic to log some serious writing time. Ahhhhh.

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