Day 38 – Manuscript Pitching On Twitter

The balance between pitching completed projects and working on new projects is always tricky for me. I’ve started blocking out days of the week to separate the two very different mental states needed for each. However, days like today require a quick, motivated shift in gears.

As I’ve mentioned before, Twitter is an amazing place for cultivating writing community relationships, keeping track of other authors, agents, trends. It is also the go-to these days for getting seen by prospective agents.

Pitching a manuscript is a long-term process. So, taking every opportunity to get my work out there requires paying attention and dedicating the time necessary.

D7P-cwQW0AAFYKeToday, I’m participating in #pitdark hosted by author Jason Huebinger

I get to toss out my wee pitch for the novel for more than fifty agents to consider whether they want to request pages or not.

The nerves get the best of me with these things—judgment of the world and all.




Are you on Twitter? I would love it if you would retweet my pitch to show your support. Don’t like it, though. That is reserved for editors and agents.



Day 22 – Submitting to Literary Agents

The submission process for publishing a novel the traditional way is an act of patience, perseverance, and a bit of luck.

I finished my most recent historical fantasy novel —Geist—(formerly The Maiden of Gevaudan for those who’ve been following for a while. The title sucked, this one is much better. 🙂 )early this year and am currently in the process of manifesting a literary agent who as in love with this allegory on life after death as I am.

I research the agents I submit to, and am pretty particular as to whom I will send my work off. It’s all about fit. I have a fair amount of friends who are agented writers, and they are all about finding the best person (other than yourself) to champion your work and your voice. I’m in this for the long haul and value relationship above all else. So, finding that right-fit representative means no mass emails to every agent who takes historical fantasy.

Plus, I am a shameless lover of the publishing industry and really want to honour the risk agents take on all of us writer types.

Submission sent! Send me some extra juicy good vibes for this one. 🙂

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