Witchy Garden – Lupines

I fell in love with lupines many years ago when I discovered Barbara Cooney’s classic Miss Rumphius.

This sweet tale of Alice Rumphius who planted lupines to make the world a more beautiful place made me long to plant them myself.

So, this year, I did.



Witch’s Garden Update

As some of you know, Geist inspired me to plant a witch’s garden this year (poison and herbs).

Tending it and watching it emerge has proven one of the sweetest parts of 2019.

My Oriental Poppies spent the week unfolding their velvety goodness:


So we could share in this gorgeousness:


Pansies fade and leave behind these little seed wonders:


My Spotted Lilies burst their seeds to make sure the garden is packed with them next year.


The chamomile blossoms coat just about every nook and cranny of the herb garden, which means time for a bit of a harvest:


A Novel-Inspired Witchy Garden

I tend to, much like an actor, take on the interests and oddities of the characters I write about while I’m in the midst of crafting them.

When I started writing Geist, magickal herbalism entered and I dug deep into the study of witchy herbs. Learning about the fantastical properties of hellebore, heather, lilies, foxglove, and more proved fascinating and I became pretty much obsessed with the need to grow a poison garden as well as an edible garden this year.

Since we live in one-thousand square feet in Vancouver, that garden required some major containers. My upstairs neighbour graciously offered two of her unused wooden raised beds and I got to work.

The evolution of that space (and my previously almost non-existent gardening skills) proves more magickal every day.

I’ve come to know hellebore as the most magnificent of species:


I’ve fallen in love with herb bouquets:

Found little gifts from the fae left after Beltane:

Already taken in my first mint harvest:

Met some new friends:


And fallen in love with my back deck again: